Our Story

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We met when Jose started taking my (Victoria's) boxing classes that I was teaching. We share the type of love, you know, where you can talk for hours and never have a dull moment. The type of love where you can laugh and cry all at once. Where you know what the other is thinking without even trying. Where he knows when I am hangry (hungry/angry) before I even do. In our relationship, we make fun of each other. Not maliciously. Obviously. Yet, we're sarcastic as hell and love to be light hearted. Relationships should be fun and if you can't joke with one another, then what's the point, right?! 

We are as passionate about our business as we are about each other and our three rescue kitties- Rosie, Remi, + Rusti. We knew that there was something out there for us to find that allowed us to work together and help others at the same time. When we are not working you can catch us spending time with family or snuggling our kittens. We love working together in anything we do, whether it be working out, cooking, hiking, home remodeling, decorating, or weddings! We are both creative by nature and love working with our hands. We are also newly engaged, so we know how excited you are about planning your big day!

Wedding photographer san diego Oceanside Wedding planner Day of Coordinator family california


I love pizza. I have a B.A. from Cal State San Marcos in Psychology and was on track to go to grad school for a Ph.D. in Clinical Neuropsychology. Yet, something didn't feel right. I have danced (ballet, jazz, tap, modern, lyrical, etc.) and performed my whole life and knew I needed something more creative and hands on. I've always had fun jobs like teaching dance, working in gyms, personal and group training, fitness classes, and in field research. I was the go to for planning all school events like galas, ceremonies, and fundraisers. I never realized there was a whole world of wedding planning that could be a career! I would binge watch Say Yes to the Dress and feel a urge to do something in the field, but pushed that aside to pursue academia. What makes me unique in the field is I have an understanding of people and personalities and have had to be structured and organized in order to complete my degree. I will use the same disciple, but with a fun and creative twist to design/coordinate your wedding! 


~ Powerlifting is life.

~ I have a slight (not so slight) obsession with cats. We now have 3.

~ I collect sunflower mugs, because I love sunnies and who doesn't love a good mug.

~ Jeeps are life.

~ I grew up in Hawaii, but prefer the mountains/lakes.

Wedding photographer san diego Oceanside Wedding planner Day of Coordinator family california


I was born in Mexico and moved here when I was 8 years old. Tacos are life. We're working on trademarking some type of a pizza taco. Stay tuned. It's going to be the next big thing. No, but really, tacos and pizza are life and they should potentially be combined. Anyways, my background is in construction; specifically, in sheet metal. I love working with my hands and making people smile. The long hours away from family and loved ones became too much and I knew there was something else out there for me. I fell in love with photography when I got my first Nikon a while back (Tori didn't want me to spend the $$$, but smart investments, baby!). I started taking pictures at different family events. It really just came natural to me. When Tori wanted to start a wedding planning business, I knew photography would be a perfect addition to the business. We dreamed of having our own thing and working together, instead of working long hours for someone else. 


~ Camaros are life.

~ Crazy socks (STANCE) and a good pair of Jordan's are where it's at.

~ I may want to be a gold miner at some point. Stay tuned on that, too.

~ I have been growing my hair for 3 years to cut and donate.

~ I am slightly allergic to nuts. I test my luck anyway. Doesn't usually end in my favor.